Refreshing Mint Drink

I tried to find a drink that would use the truckloads of mint we have…and could only find ‘mint julep’, which requires bourbon. Since I was looking more for something non-alcoholic that I could give the kids too, I did a really loose translation of the julep recipe and ended up with something pretty tasty. Keep in mind that since this is a homemade recipe the quantities are not to be taken too literally:

3-4 sprigs mint
1-3 tsp sugar (really to taste)
6 cups cold water

Remove the mint leaves from the stems; place leaves and sugar in a pitcher. Using a fork, crush the mint into the sugar. Add a few tablespoons of water to make it easier if you wish. You really can’t get the same effect by chopping the mint…

Add cold water and ice; serve!

You can do something similar to make mint iced tea: crush mint and sugar together and combine with steeped tea. Add slices of lemon and chill until ready to serve.