Common Ground Farm: Policies

Missed Pickups

Farm and market pickup shares who miss the pickup window:  we will hold your share at the farm for 1 day past the pickup window.  You can arrange with us to pickup the share by emailing or texting ahead (, 519-913-3785).  Any shares not picked up after this time will be donated to the Caring Cupboard in St. Thomas.

Vacation holds / week swaps

You can manage your own vacation holds and swaps through your profile on the Harvie software platform. 

Week swaps:  the simplest way to deal with being away is to “skip” this week’s share.  You will not be charged and you can continue the rest of your membership as normal.  If you prefer to reschedule you can also change the date of the delivery so that you either get it on an off week (if you are bi-weekly) or you can select to receive a double share.

Refunds / cancellations:

If you are for some reason not completely happy with the share you signed up for and would like to change the size / frequency / pickup option, you may do so at any time by contacting us or Harvie support.

Signing up with our farm for the season is a commitment between you and the farm for the duration of the season, but we understand that things come up and sometimes you need to cancel.  If you find yourself in this situation or if you are for any reason not happy with your share, please let us know and we will cancel your share and refund for any shares not yet received.