spring onions

spring onions

Will have the following:

  • broccoli
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce
  • spinach (lots!)
  • spring onions
  • kale

There are a bunch of maybes:

  • zucchini:  some of you got a small one last week and we’re going to try to spread a few more around this week
  • peas:  lots there but it might be better to let them size up a bit
  • basil:  we might pick some small early sprigs
  • k0hlrabi:  these probably need 1 more week but are looking nice
  • garlic scapes:  saw a few of these just starting to form so we may bunch some up for some early garlic flavouring

I was hoping to have some hoophouse cherry tomatoes by next week, but looking at the plants now, I think they are at least 2 weeks out.  Definitely later than last year likely due to the colder spring temperatures despite the fact that they are in the hoophouse.  Oh well… there will be lots of them when they do start!

UPDATE: Check out the new RECIPES page where we will feature “Common Ground Tested” recipes that incorporate the many fresh veggies that go into your box!