At the Horton Market

At the Horton Market

We had a nice variety of stuff at the market this weekend. Still limited to mainly spring veggies but with some cucumbers as well. We currently have a bit of a glut of leafy green stuff. A combination of maybe some over-planting and the fact that some of our early plantings grew slow and the later plantings ended up coming at about the same time has meant that we have more stuff right now than we can sell. That should be better next week with the CSA harvest on Tuesday.

Marketing is something I’m finding I need to work on more. I had hoped to have a good market to go to in London but both established markets (Covent and Western Fair) are not accepting new vegetable vendors. The market at Ogilvie’s is promising, but will take time to build up. It was VERY slow this past weekend and it’s a bit discouraging to sit all day and make only a few sales. On top of that, going home with a fair amount of fresh greens that we worked hard to harvest. All part of learning / starting up, right? Patience and perseverance needed here I think. Good news is that the Horton market in St.Thomas was quite good. We didn’t sell out but sold quite a lot and got some very good reviews from the customers.

Fancy Lettuce

More than just your regular Lettuce

We now have less than 10 shares left for the CSA too. First share is this week and looks like it will be very nice!