If you followed my blog back in 2008 you may remember the coop I built then (see it now, here). I’ve learned a lot more about rough carpentry since then, but overall that coop worked well. I sold it to a friend who still uses it in Chelsea, Quebec today.

Chicken Coop Construction StartedChicken Coop Construction Started

Chicken Coop Construction Started

This time, I used the same wagon frame from Princess Auto. It happened to be on sale for $240. Add about $100 for lumber and maybe another $20 for hardware and we’re at still under $400 in materials. The roof and sides are going to be used or left over roof steel. I’ve got that started now:

Chicken Coop Construction Almost Complete

Chicken Coop Construction Almost Complete

We already have one mobile coop, but this second one will allow me to keep this year and last year’s flock separate for a while and gives all the birds a bit more space.